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Stress Relief Fidget Toys, Adult's Anxiety Stress Relief Hand Toys, USB Charging Micro-Current Sensory Massage Palm Toys, Divert Attention. (A1)

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  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS :Including rocker, ball, button, micro electric shock function, and hammering function. With 10 intensity levels, it can fully meet the needs of different people.
  • VERY SAFE TO USE :Every time you turn on the machine and use it, it will automatically start from the lowest intensity. The hammering function and the micro electric shock function are designed with micro-currents, which will not make you feel pain and will only play a role in relieving muscle soreness and relaxing muscles. Therefore, you can use it with complete confidence.
  • MICROCURRENT DECOMPRESSION TOYS :Keeping the mind and fingers busy helps reduce stress and anxiety, prevents the mind from wandering, releases your body and emotions, and allows you to focus better.
  • RELIEVES FATIGUE AND RELAXES MUSCLES :Stress relieving toys with micro-current electric shock function, you can use in the hands, neck, back and feet. It can play a role in relieving muscle soreness and relaxing the body to have better work efficiency.
Fidget toys

Reduce your stress levels

  • Use at home or at work to relieve stress and anxiety. If you need to focus on something, the microcurrent finger sensory massage toy will stop your thoughts from wandering and daydreaming. Stress levels are greatly reduced.
  • After long hours of work and reading, you will feel tired and your muscles will be sore. This is when the micro-current function of the massage toy will be of great help in helping you reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Micro-current will stimulate muscle pulsation and promote blood flow, thus achieving the effect of relieving muscle soreness.

More than just a stress-relieving toy.

Anxiety Stress Relief Hand Toys



Microcurrent function.

  • Ten levels of intensity, intensity can be adjusted by "+" "-".

High quality materials.

  • Made of ABS plastic and stainless steel to relieve stress and release emotions.

Relief of muscle soreness.

  • Stimulate muscle throbbing and accelerate blood flow through micro-current. Achieve the effect of relieving muscle soreness and eliminating fatigue.

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Divert Attention
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3 reviews for Stress Relief Fidget Toys, Adult’s Anxiety Stress Relief Hand Toys, USB Charging Micro-Current Sensory Massage Palm Toys, Divert Attention. (A1)

  1. I am someone who deals with tons of stress from work. This figet device is absolutely amazing and really works after awhile. It's easy to grip and pain free. Just a small shock. Other than that it's very helpful.

    alex smith

    May 20, 2023
  2. Over the last couple of years we have gone through dozens of fidget toys. I can say that this one is the most unusual... it is part fidget toy, part electro-feedback, and part gag.Notes-- The fidget toy is pretty calming. It feels a bit like holding a gaming controller. You can push the buttons and adjust the joystick.- Once turned on the fidget toy provides a pulsating shock. The amount of the shock is completely adjustable and goes from hardly noticeable to slightly uncomfortable.- It makes a bit of a fun joke.. you can hand it to someone and ask them to try it out without telling them that it can provide a shock! Just be careful that they don't throw it into the ground (as they did ours!).Notes - an interesting, and electrifying fidget toy!


    May 20, 2023
  3. This stress relief device is the first of its kind for me. I type a lot every day and tried this now a couple of times and am able to get my muscles to feel much better. Anyone that types a lot on a daily basis knows that your wrists specifically can become irritated and sore. I turned this one on, followed the various patterns of strength, and was able to relax my hands and forearms.It's a simple device with a sleek design that is easy to use. Not a bad idea for anyone trying to relieve strain in their hand and arm muscles.

    Jeff L.

    May 20, 2023

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