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Gulfmew Hidden Cricket Noise Maker Prank - Annoying Chirping Prank Sound Stuff - Christmas April Fool's Day Funny Gag Gifts, Practical Joke Toys for Kids Adults at Home, Office (1 Pack)

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  • Long Battery Life: batteries included can last 240 hours, long enough to drive your frenemy mad; To turn off the prank toy, just press the red button beside the label
  • Realistic Sound Effects: different from other long interval cricket noisemaker props, our chirp every 30/60/120 seconds with 70 decibels, sounds like real stridulation of crickets
  • Drive Him/ Her Crazy: play a prank on your buddies and family with this hidden insect chirping sound toy, drive them crazy by sending them on a frustrating scavenger hunt
  • Easy to Hide: small and black, you can easily hide it in a drawer, under furniture, behind a picture, or in a car; Have fun pulling off your prank and wait for the cries of frustration
  • A Funny Gag Gift: great for adults with a sense of humor or naughty kids always up to mischief; Send it at Christmas, April Fool’s Day, or as a gift to spice up a dull day

Drive Your Buddies Crazy with this Devilish Prank

Overwhelmed by boring work or studies and wanna some fun?

Want to create some hilarious moments by pulling pranks and gags?

Then declare an all-out prank war at the workplace or home with the annoying sound torture device.

Hide it inside a drawer's top side, under furniture, in a wardrobe, or in a car where eyes can not see.

Watch your buddies drive themselves up (and potentially punch) the wall in frustration trying to find it.

Cricket Noisemaker Features:

Cricket chirp interval of 30/60/120 seconds

Batteries included last 240 hours

One button for switch on/off

Adhesive on back to hide anywhere

Small, easy to hide and hard to find

Prank your Buddy, Neighbors, or Coworkers

It is difficult to find where the sound comes from. The cricket noise maker makes a clear and real sound, which will make them think that there are really crickets in the room.

If you want to be extra sneaky, move it around from time to time to really aggravate them. Keep the noise prop nearby and pretend you don't hear the insect sounds to really sell the joke.


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